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I wrote the following books. I edited and published.

I shall improve as time permits. I published in a hurry, as I feel that my time is limited.

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1.0 Srimad Bhagwat Geeta  Book by Jaipal Singh Datta This book explains about scientific knowledge many thousands years before destruction of humanity.

2.0 Garuda Puran Book by Jaipal Singh Datta. Scientifi fact of life after death as written in Garuda Puran and modified or expressed with new scientific knowledge by author. Garuda Puran website by me was deleted due to crunch of resources. But beautifully presented by my friens Planet Baba Ji from Germany living in India. Read Garudapuran  I am thankful to him.

3.0 My experiments with truth  Book by Jaipal Singh Datta. My life experience for the next generation to prove that all people around the world are same and think alike and grow alike. Love, affection, desire are common factors around the world and are in all generations.

                                       Jaipal Singh Datta with Jim Beam in USA

4.0 Astrology

This book contains importance of Thithi Moon Day, Division charts. It is good for readers who have learnt Astrology after reading Astrology made easy and Astrology lessons.

5.0 Astrology made easy

This book consists of simple astrology lessons for beginner.

6.0 Astrology Examples

In this book I have tried to predict future with arguments, so that we can develop this subject as science.

7.0  Astrology lessons

This is simple lessons and consists again summary of teachings written in earlier books.

6.0 Management by human values

Officers distributed food to employees and eaten food after all employees have taken lunch. In one hour 2200 workers and staff took food. After taking food area was again neat and clean.

We go to marriage or to death at determined time and place. We act as per directions of planets and stars. Planets are controlled by Ganesha, son of Shiva & Parvati. Brahma creates and is known as creator. Vishnu protects and is known as protector and is married to Laxmi, goddess of wealth. One can not protect without money or wealth. Money means food, clothing and shelter. Change is the law of Nature, although energy is constant. So birth, growth, marriage and creation, all are reflexive of nature. Each living creature is a bio machine. Each machine  performs and it can not work continuously. It has to be scraped. So all bio creations after acting as per directions of planets need to be replaced. Process of replacement is known as death by human beings. Basically it is only changing of old machine to new machine. In a simple language it is written in Bhagwat Geeta
Chapter 2 Shaloka 22
वासांसि जीर्नानी यथा विहाय
नवानी गृह्णाति नरोपरानी
तथा शरीराणि विहाय जीर्नान्यानी
संयाति नवानी देहि 
This means " As human being changes old clothes and wear new clothes, in the same way Soul changes old body and take over the new machine."
To perform this act, human body creator Brahma and Protector Vishnu requested Maa Durga to create Shakti. Shiva accepted the request of Shakti Mata and took the role of Destructor. So Shiva decides when this machine to be changed. He orders Lord of Death to do this. Lord of death creates circumstances in such a way that you are compelled to leave your body. More you love your body or near and dear one more you suffer. So in the end you are compelled to leave your bio machine and enter in to new bio machine to perform desire of planets. Planets are ruled by Ganesha , son of Shiva. So we only act as per destiny.
Read my Books on Bhagwat Geeta, My experiments with truth, Garuda Puran, Astrology and Management by human values
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Here I shall write links to my various web sites. I wanted to share my knowledge with others. So I spent money and time to teach my knowledge. I hope you may find it useful. I shall be deleting certain web sites which are not visited by readers ( < 10 per day ), as it is not serving my purpose. I wish my readers all the best and "Alles Gute".
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