I wrote the following books. I edited and published.

I shall improve as time perrmits. I published in a hurry, as I feel that my time is limited.

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                                                    Jaipal Singh Datta

1.0 Srimad Bhagwat Geeta

2.0 Garuda Puran

3.0 My experiments with truth

                                       Jaipal Singh Datta with Jim Beam in USA

4.0 Astrology

This book contains importance of Thithi Moon Day, Division charts. It is good for readers who have learnt Astrology after reading Astrology made easy and Astrology lessons.

5.0 Astrology made easy

This book consists of simple astrology lessons for beginner.

6.0 Astrology Examples

In this book I have tried to predict future with arguments, so that we can develop this subject as science.

7.0  Astrology lessons

This is simple lessons and consists again summary of teachings written in earlier books.

6.0 Management by human values

Officers distributed food to employees and eaten food after all employees have taken lunch. In one hour 2200 workers and staff took food. After taking food area was again neat and clean.