1.0    Srimad Bhagwat Geeta  Scientific and technical analysis of Srimad Bhagwat Geeta  -  a new concept with new knowledge on tatwa theory of Geeta
2.0    Garuda Puran  -- Life after death and how can the information and knowledge be transfered to the next life?
3.0     My experiments with truth  - Life experiments with truth and conviction
4.0     Management by human values  In the wonderland of Indian Managers can be read by different style of the management.
5.0     Astrology This books informs about birth yogi and impoortance of divisions charts and periods and sub periods of Planets and stars.
6.0     Astrology made easy  This book informs about very basic knowledge and theory of tatwa, Effects of Mars, Venus etc
7.0     Astrology Lessons  This book explains about lessons on Astrology in a very simple way. Please note one can read all this only if there is blessings of God / planets.
8.0     Astrology Examples This book explains about methods to explain in writing about happenings of life like education, marriage, profession, wealth, money / cash, spiritualism, children, parents, diseases, accidents, personal happines, cusps, thithi. But please note that date of birth, time of birth and place of birth is very important.

Astrology Lessons No.1                                    Astrology Lessons No. 2

Astrology Lessons No. 3-4                                Astrology Lessons No.5

Astrology Lessons No. 6                                    Astrology Lessons No. 6A

Astrology Lessons No 7                                     Astrology Lessons No.8

Astrology Lessons No. 9                                 Astrology Lessons No. 10

Astrology Lessons No.11                                  Astrology Lessons No. 12